How do I order?
If you want to order something from our catalogue, please send us an email or give us a call, and let us know the item you want and dimensions you would like it to be.


Can you resize your items?
Of course! Most of our pieces are designed to be full customisable. We can taylor the scale and colour of our designs to suit your needs.


May I place a special order if I have my own idea or project?
If you have something different in mind, you can also share it with us and we will be pleased to help you develop it.


How long does it take to make a piece?
Once you make a down payment (usually 60% of price), depending on how many items you want to order, it will take around 14 to 20 days. One unique piece can be done in 7-10 days, if we have wood on stock.


How can I pay?
Payment can be done via bank transfer or paypal.


Where do you ship?
We usually ship in Spain and Europe, but we can manage to ship any place in the world. If you give us your address, we can calculate the shipment price. If it is possible, we make it happen.


Who styles and photographs your items?
All of our product photos shot in-house by Maximiliano, and art directed by Marisol. If you’re interested in learning more or you’d like to chat about our rates and availability, drop us a line.


Who made your branding, image and communication? Who designed your site?
We did ourselves! We are former editorial and art directors, passioned about furniture and interiorism. Therefore we can provide you with a complete concept and image branding development for your business, whether you have a new project or you just need to revamp it.


Do you rent your items for productions and stylings?
Yes. We have experience collaborating with productions already. Just write us to ask our rates and items available.


What kind of wood do you use?
We work with reclaimed scaffolding wood. It is a type of hard pine, with a long fibre, that gives elasticity and makes it resistant to temperature changes and harsh weather conditions. Scaffolding wood has this rough appearance and a grey color for being outdoors for a long time in construction sites. This wood is difficult to work, because it has different thicknesses, but it is precisely these inequalities that make it authentic. We clean and sand it to avoid splinters but keeping the “old” aspect of recycled wood.


Are these furniture able to be outdoors?
Of course! Scaffolding wood is very convenient for outdoor use, because it is resistant to downpours and does not rot, unless you leave it stacked. These boards have gone through all kinds of weather. So no extra treatment is required.


Does it requires any kind of maintenance ?
For exterior furniture, it is recomendable, once a year, to apply one hand of water colorless varnish.


Is everything handcrafted? Can you serial your products?
Yes, everything is handmade. But all our products are made with materials that we can always find, so we can repeat every item and make series of it. As every wood bring its own different marks, every piece will be different and unique.


Do you have different rates for projects than for catalogue pieces?
Yes, we give projects that involve making various items a different pricing approach than just producing one unique piece.


Where are you located? Can I visit your studio?
We are happy Barcelona citizens. And yes, you can visit our workshop, just give as a call or email us to set an appointment.


Do you have a showroom?
Not for the moment but hopefully soon! If you want to see our collection, we have a part of it at EspaiD, a concept gallery shop at Sant Eusebi 36, 08003 Barcelona.


For more information see our terms and conditions.