1. Shipment price will be calculate depending on the article and destination.
  2. We begin to manufacture once we have received a first payment of 60% of the value of the product. The remaining 40% will be paid before the shipment.
  3. The delivery of the products will be done once REVAMP has received the total amount of the products purchased, including the transport payment.
  4. Delivery time will be between 14/20 working days after confirmation of Budget and correspondant down payment for delivery in Spain and 20/25 working days for rest of Europe
  5. The standard transport service we offer covering mid and long distances is delivering at down floor. In case a customer wants to receive the merchandise in the interior of their house, please consult us about special rates for this adicional service.
  6. REVAMP works with reclaimed materials, therefore there may be imperfections such as fingerprints and differences in size of mm up to 1 cm in some cases.
  7. For special orders made under petition, REVAMP do not make refunds of unique pieces that are not in the catalogue, unless the piece is defective.
  8. Footprints and scratches in the wood are not considered defects, since they are reclaimed materials. We clean and sand the wood from remains of cement and dirt but signs of previous painting, oxide or traces of existing mails may remain. Manufacturing is new. Therefore, the functionality do so, but irregularities such as marks on the wood are part of its final look.
  9. REVAMP pieces are unique and manufactured, and each wood brings different footprints, so they may present slight differences between copies of the same model of the catalogue.
  10. REVAMP do not responsabilize for damages caused by transport. And is not responsible for damages (are caused by transport or not) reported 48 hours after delivery.
  11. Any note for damage/faults, should be noticed with detail in the delivery of the shipment. Or at any case, in a period no longer than 24 hours, for its corresponding value with the contracted transport company. In case of reclamations of more than 900 euros, must be documented and based with the relevant official survey carried out in time and form. Then REVAMP will make the corresponding claims to the contracted carrier company