REVAMP is an independent multi-disciplinary studio based in Barcelona, founded by Marisol Gonzalez Nohra, peruvian creative designer. At REVAMP, we thrive on the challenge of creating green, useful and beautiful objects and experiences. Our work spans through a range of disciplines from furniture and lighting to interior design and full branding development. There are threads that run through all of our work – an interest in nature, a passion for exploring materials and aesthetics, and a desire to create objects, experiences and environments that enhance the feeling of happiness and wellness.

At REVAMP we love to think in order to blend styles and functionalities, while being focused on sustainability, re-using materials, ideas and concepts. The products, partnerships and collaborations are always aiming to showcase unique, well-designed products and services that are practical, timeless and sustainable.

REVAMP creative process outputs unique objects or series of items. Everything we produce is handcrafted. Materials such as wood, copper metal and low-VOC finishes are re-used to achieve the lowest footprint possible. Therefore, each piece is always absolutely unique.

We purposely make the piece with possible imperfections in mind. We believe scuffs and scratches enhance the look of every piece’s result. We clean and sand the materials from remains of cement and dirt, but signs of previous painting, oxide or traces of existing nails may remain. The memory of the material is never erased, yet it´s brought to a new life.