We work to reduce our impact at every level of our practice. This makes a big difference in the creative thinking, in the materials we choose, in the production processes and through our supply chain. An example: Scaffolding wood trees grow very fast, so the use of this wood contributes to avoiding deforestation. Products made with this wood are considered “green” around the world for this reason. Besides the fact it is a recycled material.

After a 5 years use for construction, the scaffolding wood that REVAMP selects becomes furniture, panelling walls, floors and ceilings.

Used scaffolding wood brings different low footprints so every item has its own different marks.

It is a type of hard pine, with a long fibre, that gives elasticity and makes it resistant to temperature changes and harsh weather conditions. Scaffolding wood has this rough appearance and a grey color for being outdoors for a long time.

This wood is difficult to work, because it has different thicknesses, but it is precisely these inequalities that make it authentic. We clean and sand it to avoid splinters but keeping the “old” aspect of recycled wood. It can be used for both outdoor and indoor furniture.

It is very convenient for outdoor use because it is resistant to downpours and does not rot, unless you leave it stacked. These boards have gone through all kinds of weather. So no extra treatment is required.